Eric as a trainer

I’ve had the pleasure of being trained by successful people. I followed numerous seminars, webinars and venues over the years. All this knowledge I have used in my personal life as well as in my businesses.
My first steps as a trainer I made in Qualitivity elements, I started out with:

  • Leadership training
  • Time Management
  • Goal setting
  • Positioning

As every training was sold out I realized that I loved doing this. So when I teamed up with my business partner in 2011 I mentioned that as an internet service orientated company we could also start with giving our clients the opportunity to learn from me personally.
As opportunities occur, I started out training students into Internet Marketers. There still is a high demand in Internet Marketers and our own company was seeking for good personnel as well. We have hired many students at this moment.
On a regular bases I still give workshops, day sessions all in relation to internet marketing.