Eric as a serial entrepreneur

In 2003 I was promoted,  but I did not want that promotion at that particular company. I than made the decision to start my own business.  After working as a self employed manager; a client of mine asked me to join his new company and I did as an interim manager. Unfortunately, this was no different than my job, so I passed and searched for something else.

In 2005 I started Qualitivity and at that time we were offering consultancy in water management to our clients as well as civil interim management. We expanded the business in 2007 towards the Dutch Antilles. We opened an office on St. Martin and later on Curaçao named Qualitivity Curaçao.

We also expanded the business in Holland with Qualitivity Senior Management Solutions. A high-end headhunting firm in IT.

However in 2011 the economic situation in Holland and especially  in recruitment was not going as we planned and I made a choice to focus on our strength in combination with market opportunities.

Getting found in Google was one of my usp’s. We were doing really well, so I turned this expertise into a business model and IQ Leads was born. Ever since I’m obesssed with all the things that can be done online, we strive for big result for our clients and more and more you can find me on stage or in workshops where I educate people on online marketing.