What is H2H? Human to human, (H2H), is all about relational capital, personalising the way we market our services or products; allowing both staff and customers to get to know each other. This type of marketing is much more rewarding for all, and, carried out correctly, it will not only increase initial and repeat business, […]

Among amazing keynote speakers, such as Ndaba Mandela, JT Foxx, Jenna Clifford, Patrice Motsepe I was asked to speak in Johannesburg as well. The conference was going to be backed with a variety of speakers and the room was going to be filled with 1800 expected entrepreneurs. A no-brainer and I had to come up […]

It was at the National Achievers Congress Amsterdam in 2013 I met JT Foxx for the first time and instantly I knew that this man was playing on a different playing field as I was used to. I’ve attended many seminars and the NAC was not a new concept for me. For those who do […]

My first weekend at a JT Foxx seminar. It was amazing. What an enormous amount of content. He is the only one who came back to Amsterdam after three weeks and delivered again. Since November 2013 I have been at multiple of these weekends and learned new things every time. JT Foxx has done multiple events […]

A two day event at Google, IQ Leads was there. With agencies from all over Europe we had the privilege to meet Google in person. To listen to their thoughts about the future, about Google, new tips and tricks. At night we were treated at a networking evening in the original brewery Guiness. A perfect […]

The second version of Megapartnering in South Africa, my first one. Over a 1000 entrepreneurs came together while being trained and coached by JT Foxx and partners. Besides the enormous amount of top of the bill content we had the pleasure of meeting business people from all over the world. Networking was a big goal […]

You need to become a CEO marketer, whatever vision you see in your brain for your business, must be a mirror image when it comes to your marketing. Marketing shouldn’t cost you money it should make you money.

Mega Partnering was one of a kind. Unfortunately this was also the last one. As JT mentioned: How can you beat this event?”

Michelle Mone has spoken around the world at some of the most prestigious events and recently she was in Amsterdam. About talking about her lifestory, she also promoted her book.