Money, Wealth and business Congress in Johannesburg, South Africa

Among amazing keynote speakers, such as Ndaba Mandela, JT Foxx, Jenna Clifford, Patrice Motsepe I was asked to speak in Johannesburg as well. The conference was going to be backed with a variety of speakers and the room was going to be filled with 1800 expected entrepreneurs.

A no-brainer and I had to come up with a certain topic that all levels of entrepreneurs would benefit from. I decided that I would talk about a new subject, a subject that has my interest for a while now, H2H.

H2H stand for Human to Human, while people are talking about B2C and B2B, it’s actually H2H. You never bought something online a s a business. You bought something online as a person working at a business. You never bought it from a business, you bought it from a person working at a business.

Correct, people do business with people, they want to be regarded as individuals, as humans, not spoken to as a business, and most marketers out there are neglecting this critical factor, and I call it the H2H factor.

The presentation went great, the audience laughed it and I got a standing ovation. But more important, my message came across. I had positive feedback from experienced marketers as well as from entrepreneurs, and that was my goal: to change people’s way of thinking.

And yes, I’m also talking deals with some of the attendees, isn’t that great.