JT Foxx in Amsterdam

It was at the National Achievers Congress Amsterdam in 2013 I met JT Foxx for the first time and instantly I knew that this man was playing on a different playing field as I was used to. I’ve attended many seminars and the NAC was not a new concept for me.

For those who do not know the NAC, it’s a nice place to be introduced to a variety of speakers who will help you to achieve your goals. Keynote speaker was no one less than Robert Kiyosaki. For me there was only one person who made an impression and that was JT Foxx.

The age, the energy, the content, the sales pitch, it was just something I needed to get involved with and I did. My business partner and I just started out a new business in online marketing and from day 1 JT believed in me, and said that the one thing we needed, was BRANDING.

Branding would be the key to success. Why do people buy from you? Because they have heard from you, they have seen you somewhere, they know the brand. Branding can be done via Relational Capital. New meaning to me. Monetize your relations, what is that, how do I do that?

Although shy and humble to put myself in the frontline, I never thought of having the opportunity to meet all these celebrities, which I should use in my branding. Big names as in the movie actors Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino, business tycoons as George Ross, Michele Mone and dr. Nido Qubein, disrupters like Steve Wozniak and Randi Zuckerberg, and do not forget that I have access to JT and Damian as they gave me there phone numbers.




I had no idea that having these pictures could make me money, this is not a Dutch thing to do. Sounds like bragging. But ever since I started to have pictures with all kind of speakers, small names and big names. After being with JT on stage in 2014 at another NAC in Amsterdam, I was overwhelmed by the attention. Everyone wanted to get pictures with me. ( if you have one with me please place this in the comments ), as it helps my branding.

JT said: Welcome to my world!

We were cowboys at that time, we knew we could make a difference, we had the knowledge on online marketing, my business partner was a great salesperson, so together we would concur the playing field of the digital world.

I have been to many seminars, followed all kind of programs with Anthony Robbins and T. Harv Eker and got some amazing result in my personal life and in my business and as I’m always searching for knowledge I got to meet and be coached by JT Foxx. Although there are many sites of JT Foxx, he names three different characters, at least I got to learn two already and soon I believe I will know all the different JT’s, as I constant invest in myself and with the help of his programs and his staff I know I can make a difference. By the way you should realize that JT Foxx was in Amsterdam over 4 times in 2013 and if I’m correct over 13 times in 2014. So JT Foxx was in Amsterdam much more than the average speaker!

After reading all the different blogs, stories of the different entrepreneurs who attended JT workshops and events, I was amazed , no I was overwhelmed with all their success. Another major marketing and branding incentive.  Who has not seen other students speak on stage, telling you their results since they have met JT Foxx. A lot of you signed on, as this was the proof you were looking for. It did not help the credibility online, as this works in different ways. So with this new book he covered that part. With all these positive stories, he not only jumps to the top in Google with all this new content, but all the new students will see yet more proof of his results. And these things are mind-blowing to me. To come up with such ideas is the reason that I stick around. But it actually took me a while to write my story. I might be one of the last persons to add my story: Why?

Due to an horseback riding accident I did not have the energy to invest in me and in my business. Since this horrible accident in 2015 all my gains fainted away and brought me straight back to ground zero so to speak. ( in debt, uncertainty, lack of motivation, but having the financial challenges on top of my health issues, took its toll on me) The difference was that I had bought different programs of JT, I had access to JT, to the organization and to the coaches. Although I was not a great coaching student the last two years, I did my best to survive.

But I’m back now and the cool thing was that when I presented myself again, the whole group was there for me. In the mean while I started reading his book, bought his amazing Work Out program and was one of the first to enroll in the IMN club Amsterdam. Financially not at that place I wanted to be, but that’s what it is. The accident for me was a wakeup call and gave me plenty of time to think, to adjust and to set new boundaries.

Who else could me help me achieve those things than JT Foxx.

First goal of action: to get back in the saddle and work on myself. Educate myself, business will follow. I called the organization to change my coaching as I believed I needed something else and was introduced to Jim Alvino. I signed up for some more events with JT and was given the opportunity to speak on stage in Africa.

See you in Johannesburg at the “money, wealth and business congress”.